Roulette is an online casino game that originated in France. Roulette is also known by the name "white ball" game. Roulette's name is derived from the French word for small wheel made of wooden ball. It was probably derived from the Italian bianco which means wooden dice. You place a bet and win if you have chosen a number which is drawn next. After the round the player can purchase another spin. This continues until the player has the specified amount. Roulette can be played with one or more players.
Today roulette is among the most popular casino table games, along with such games as poker, new online slots and blackjack.

The layout of the Roulette playing field is what is called a Roulette layout. The type of Roulette game and the table you choose will determine the number of players involved in a game. Many casinos offer separate rooms for roulette betting. These are known as the 'loosers'.

A wheel is pulled when a player places his bets in Roulette. This wheel shows the quantity of numbers and sectors which can be choosen to place a bet on. Roulette players must match the number of the chips on the spin to the number of bets on the appropriate column or row of the Roulette board. The bets in a single-player game are placed on the first turn of Roulette. A winning streak is not possible.

The eleven numbers that make up a Roulette wheel are eleven. These numbers are laid out horizontally. Each number is placed on the wheel in a horizontal line. This indicates an inside or outside bet. The player can spin the wheel to determine the value of his bet if the bet is on an inside bet. If the bet is placed on outside bets, the opposite number will be used. The player can choose the number that represents his actual bet's value.

The outcome of the Roulette game is determined by the number of outside wagers. The Roulette player can increase his bets if the ball lands on an outside number not listed in his previous choices. A Roulette player can only place inside bets. Outside bets cannot be placed simultaneously. It is forbidden to combine numbers drawn. A American Roulette table is designed with nine numbers. You can arrange the numbers however you like, but it cannot exceed nine.

Because the European casinos have a higher winning percentage, American Roulette tables are less likely to win than European ones. This is due to the fact that the American Roulette wheel spins more often than the American one. Even the smallest wins can make a huge difference in Roulette results. European Roulette players would have equal odds of winning their money, even if they only win a few pennies.

A Roulette player who is skilled at picking numbers can create his own layout. You can do this by using the strategy of "law to large numbers". A Roulette player will have five chips. One for each of the 24 possible combinations.

The position of the Roulette ball when it lands on a sector can change depending on how the wheel spins. The first spin should give a straight line from the winning numbers to the ball's position. This is a win. If the second spin shows a curve between the winning numbers, the game could be considered a success. The win is declared a hit if the line changes more than one point from the first to the second positions. The total payout at the end of the game will be the difference between the actual position and the line that the ball lands on.