Four Card Poker is an online card game that Roger Snow developed and also owns by shuffle Master. It's very similar to Five Card Draw and Five-Erella, but it has four deck cards instead of three.

Four card poker will see your Aces being worth more than your Kings. This is because Aces are valued higher in big pots than the King. Because they are more likely to win a pot, the Aces can be worth more. If you play Aces tightly, especially at beginning of the game they could easily become "burned out". It is better to keep your Aces at half the price of one dollar if you are very tight with them. Keep your Aces at a reasonable level, especially in the early stages of the game.

Calling is not recommended for beginners to four-card poker. You could be called every time, despite the odds being against you. You are actually more likely to get called early in the game than to be called later. This is why you should wait until your hand is stronger than your other five cards before calling. Before you assess the strength of your hand, call and wait until your four other cards, namely your Ace, King Queen, Jack are strong. Call as tight as you can, but don't give in to the big raises.

You should be an experienced player of four-card poker. Your best hand must contain at least nine cards. This means that you must have a minimum of nine cards in your top hand. Now you are ready to face the bigger pots if you have four-card opponents. You can walk away with nothing in the pot if you have a weak hand in four-card poker.

Many new players make the error of betting large because they want to win fast. This is usually done by raising their bets too high. Because they play quickly and have little experience, players make this mistake. This is why it is important to take your time and play slow and carefully. Don't let your emotions dictate what you do.

A common mistake made by newbies to four-card poker is the possibility that they may wager three times their ante. Play conservatively is the key. You should not raise too much. The dealer might call the bet before your chance of calling it fully.

The pot can change even if the player has 5 cards from the 4-card poker hand. If a player bets out, there are still chances that he or she could lose a lot. It is vital to track the amount a player bets.

If you have a strong hand, the dealer may call with all of his strength. It is best for beginners to play slowly. If you play aggressively, you will receive six cards from the dealer. However, you could have a hand with seven, five, or an Ace. The dealer could call with all of his strength. It is best to bet pretty high if you don't have an outstanding hand in order to make this work. If you have a strong four-card hand, the bet can be raised to the highest four-card hand.